Kayak Your Cares Away On Coronado Island

No trip is complete to Coronado Island without having some fun in the sun! With San Diego being known as a great town for water sports with its temperate climate and year-round sunshine, Coronado Island is one of the best areas in San Diego for water sports.

The Coronado Bay, also known as the San Diego Bay, is a channel between Coronado Island and downtown San Diego. The bay offers beautiful vistas of the skyline of San Diego, as well as the beach resort community of Coronado.

A favorite for both locals and tourists alike, kayaking is a remarkable way to explore the city by sea! With one of the country’s top beaches on one side, and the San Diego skyline on your other, kayaking the bay is truly a unique experience. Enjoy the sun, get a good workout in, and experience the ultimate in relaxation, all while floating on the water.

Kayaking is a perfect outing for families as well as couples. Or if you want to go it alone, a one-seat canoe is another option for you.

For those who have never tried water sports, kayaking is a great entry-level water sport. By using your paddles, you and your partner can soak in the scenery by sea, and maneuver your kayak to experience the sites you desire. On Coronado Island, there are several types of kayak reservation services that will provide instructions and even tours to take you out in the water with an experienced guide.

In addition to kayaking, the bay is a great place for jet skiers and speedboaters to get their thrill rides as they soar through the water. The bay also features other water sport lovers on wakeboards and water skis. Something else to consider in the San Diego Bay is sailing. If you’ve never been sailing before, have no fear, you can have a guided lesson for your first time.

The San Diego Bay is an area known for its community aspect where everyone simply likes to have a good time. Everyone, including the wildlife. Look out for marine animals such as seals, dolphins and if you’re lucky, even a whale. The dolphins and seals are incredibly playful, but be careful not to disrupt their routine. As for the whales, if you would like a better chance at seeing one, whale watching tours are available in Coronado and throughout San Diego.

Great places we recommend to fulfill any of these activities are Coronado Boat Rental and Action Sports Rental. Of course, don’t hesitate to ask your Coronado Beach Resort concierge for reservations. We can provide you a list of recommendations for kayaking, and get you started on your kayaking adventure!

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